List, list, list

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I’m a compulsive list maker.


Nothing extraordinary or exceptional about that.

I think in lists and tangent lists and come across as so obsessively organised to the point that the nickname ‘Monica’ teasingly replaces ‘Emma’ whenever I whip out my latest Google Doc or notebook of scribbles to check off around certain friends.

I write a daily ‘to do’ list and occasionally stick to it.

I write lists of overarching life-admin, the kind of jobs or errands that are a little more abstract and set on a blurry future timeline (must find a desk and chair on Gumtree or Freecycle; would like to get a plant for the bedroom).

The memo app on my phone is clogged with food shopping lists for elaborate recipes that I’ll never make, sight-seeing lists written for hypothetical holidays, lists of blog post ideas, magazine pitches, names of my fictional future children and / or pets, interview questions, lofty goals of achievement and my most brat-like of all – the Christmas & Birthdays present list for those inquiring what to lavish upon me at certain points during the year. (Certainly a hangover from childhood where whole afternoons were spent with a fresh Argos catalogue in my lap and a pen poised for circling, flipping between the toy and jewellery sections. I was quite precocious in my tastes.)

Then there are lists of books I want (quietly sitting on Amazon that one), clothes I’m on the hunt for to replace all the bits I’ve sold or given away (desperately seeking jeans), thoughtfully curated Spotify playlists to accompany every mood or occasion and rankings of the handsomest of famous faces on my personal The List (Ryan Reynolds has consecutively held the top spot for almost 10 years. Congratulations to you Mr Reynolds 😉.)

It’s inherently human to make a list. Even as far back as 3200BC, ancient Egyptians studiously jotted stuff down to refer back to at a later date (Letters of Note has a beautiful list detailing the excuses made by absentee workmen as to why they couldn’t turn up for a job “suffering with his eye” / “drinking with Khonsu”). Science confirms that our brains go wild for snackable bites over large lumps of information, and is there anything more devastatingly pleasing than to see a neatly stacked tower of bullet points conquered by the smug ticks of a ballpoint.

In a roundabout way (and I’m really reaching here), lists are kind of like real-life wishes we can grant to ourselves.

The wish of remembrance when running errands and dashing around the supermarket trying recall what you’ve run out of at home.

The wish of order and control as we try to grasp life by its shoulder and insist it ‘just slows down for one moment please’ while we attempt to catch up.

The wish of creation from wispy ideas that you kind of can’t quite make out in your mind yet, but hey, it might be good one day so best scribble it down…

Story idea: A  woman who is being haunted by the ghost of Queen Elizabeth I. But Queen Elizabeth I ghost is secretly a recently dead actor playing a role who happened to snuff it in full costume. Capers ensue.‘ Copyrighted to Emma Taylor 2018, all rights reserved by the way –  I don’t care if it’s a bag of fanciful shite.

Here’s my latest listicle brain dump.

1 /  Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds

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2 / Transcribe next ’10-Minute Chat’ interview
Edit ’10-Minute Chat’ interview
Pick out and create interview copy quotes
Get interview approved
Publish ’10-Minute Chat’ interview
Pester friends and family to read interview

3 / Read backlog of Domestic Sluttery emails.
(Now I’m quite possessive of my inbox; regularly culling sub-par newsletters and unsubscribing to dull-as-dishwater brand-spam. But if you like food, achingly beautiful things, art, books, sparkling women of history you won’t have been taught about at school AND the best of the sales all wrapped up in a wittily-worded bow then subscribe here.)email 1

email 2

📸 Screenshots from Domestic Sluttery

4 / Finish ‘Stand Up Drinks Party’ sketch. DAISY MARSH WILL YOU CALL ME.

5 /  Buy a swimsuit. This is my top contender.

weekday swimsuit

📸 £25 from Weekday 

Can my wardrobe handle yet another piece of polka dot print? No. Can I afford to splash out on a swimsuit when my money would be better spent on practical things like petrol and phone bills? No. Am I seduced by the fact it’s made of recycled polyamide and polyester, created from PET bottles, production waste and abandoned fish nets? … Pass me my purse.

6 /  Go for a wild swim before summer comes to an end.
Wear new cossie.

7 / My late naughties laptop is currently being held together by a decade of keyboard crumbs, tape and critical life-support from having to be constantly plugged into a socket. Entirely defeating the object of its purpose, but a testament to the longevity Samsung’s computer engineers have built I suppose.

Anyway, I’ve saved for a new one.

This laptop?                                Or this laptop?

8 / Wash car.
Check tyre pressure (Google ‘how to’????).

9 / Rediscovered my love for Robyn (of Dancing On My Own fame), add Call Your Girlfriend to the shared Spotify playlist with pal of the same name.


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10 / Start / Procrastinate / Write / Delete / Re-write / Wallow in self-doubt / And submit x2 article drafts before deadline. Repeat process when notes on draft come back.

11 / Pick up bananas.

12 / In my one-day forever house that will be filled with kitschy art, antique lampshades and vintage tiling, I’m going to have a library. Even if it’s a cupboard-nook underneath some stairs or a cosy corner next to a window; so I can glance at patches of sky and greenery when I look up from whatever world I’ve jumped into.

If I win the lottery then I’ll spring for something more like this.

dream library

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You’ll find me swooshing along some shelves on a ladder Bedknobs and Broomsticks-style

13 / And I shall be wearing this bougie coat of dreams whilst swooshing / holing up behind my secret bookcase lair.


📸 via Net-a-Porter

14 / Go through accounts drawer and reorder paperwork folder ….zzzZZZZzzz

15 / To watch:

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 finale (I know, I know. Massively behind.)
Sharp Objects
Vanity Fair (Intrigued to see if this serialised version can capture super-schemer Becky Sharp better than Reese Witherspoon’s sadly boring 2004 film portrayal.)
The Bold Type
Killing Eve (September can’t come soon enough.)

16 / Remember to start saving postage stamps for donation from now on. The RNIB and Macmillan accept used stamps which they can turn into vital funds. Would love to know if there are more charities who do this.

17 / With friends getting engaged, planning weddings and recently married, a lot of chat has been about idyllic post-wedding getaways and once-in-a-lifetime-type trips. I’ve jokingly jotted down my own money-no-object dreamy honeymoon shortlist.

You know.

Just for shits ‘n gigs.

Like any other normal person not even close to legally tying themselves to someone else.


Ok, I just like listing out fantasy holidays.

banff mozambique

📸 Banff, Mozambique

Cook Islands orkney

📸 The Cook Islands, Orkney


📸 The Scilly Isles

patagonia singapore

📸 PatagoniaSingapore

18 / 5pm Go for a run.
5.45pm Reward self for run with Iced Gems.

19 / Behold, the Perfect Winter Boot. Am imagining them paired with a miniskirt and the thickest of woolly tights that sports the toastiest of wind-bracing gussets.

black h&m chelsea boot

📸 via H&M £49.99

20 / Nap*

*Avoid thinking about my shaky life choices and diminishing career direction.

List, list, list

Top of the Pods



best podcasts

Podcasts are multiplying like rabbits. Everywhere you turn another magazine, social influencer or man and his microphone are churning out a shiny new podcast every other day.

If you’re baffled by what a podcast is, it’s essentially a radio programme that you can download and playback whenever you fancy. Podcasts are savers of boredom when you have a long shitty commute, when you’re at work doing a less than thrilling task, going for a sweaty run or when you’re faced with a stack of life admin to plough through… zzzzzzzz

Just stick on a podcast.

‘B-bu-but what about music?!’ I hear you cry. Yeah, well obviously listen to music if you want to listen to music, however, podcasts bring forth another audio option to your life. That’s all. It’s like watching TV in your head in some cases.

And there are so many. Whatever your interest, you can absolutely guarantee there’ll be a podcast out there catering to whatever floats your boat. Just pop a quick search into Good Old Google and be on your merry way.

I tend to listen to them on my phone (but feel free to plug in on desktops or tablets) and currently using the ‘Podcast Addict’ app but am also hearing good things about the ‘Acast’ app too.


/ The High Low

the high low podcast

One of the first podcasts I got into was produced by The Sunday Times Style section. Presented by all-round superstar journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, their pleasing-to-say portmanteau ‘The PanDolly’ podcast was like listening to a couple of pals at Friday night drinks. This year they’ve struck out on their own with a new show ‘The High Low’ and carried over their wonderful blend of serious news topics, zeitgeisty themes, social commentary and along with plenty of personal anecdotes and heaps of laughs. Inspired by Vanity Fair’s editor Tina Brown’s perspective that life is best lived with a mix of highbrow and lowbrow culture (the podcast is poetically billed as ‘from the trivial to the political’); expect to hear Pandora and Dolly’s thoughts on the latest books they’re reading, what low or highbrow thing they’ve done that week, discussions on world news / Kendal Jenner’s Snapchat / work / politics / memes and answering phenomenal listener questions. They’ve also recently added a new segment into the mix where once a month an author is brought in for an interview, which so far (Renie Eddo-Lodge, Elizabeth Day, Rosie Wilby – just the three at this point) has been an absolutely cracking addition.

Safe to say I’m a HA-UUUGGE fan of the show and both of them as individuals. I feel like we could be friends. There. I’ve once again publicly outed myself as a soppy sycophant for this wonderful double act.


Episode: A Deep-Dive Into The Fall Of Hollywood’s Ultimate Sex Predator, Harvey Weinstein

Episode: Theresa May in Vogue and the Role of Fashion in Politics


/ No  Such Thing as A Fish

no such thing as a fish podcast

The researcher elves from the hit BBC show QI crowd round a microphone to share an interesting fact they’ve learned that week. Each fact is as weird and wonderful as the one before it. Everything under the sun is talked about from science to the arts, bugs, fascinating people, words, unique places, unbelievable true events and other gems of quirky pub-fodder trivia. This podcast is perfect for general knowledge nerds who like information served with a side of clever humour. Caution whilst listening at work: brace for the sniggers, as jokes here come thick, fast and funny so the risk of snort-laughing out loud to your open plan office is exceptionally high.


Episode: No Such Thing As Stare-Boxing

Episode: No Such Thing As Constantly Awake Beauty 


/ Ctrl, Alt, Dlt

ctrl alt delete podcast

If ever there was a podcast-Olympics for featuring cool, bright people, who are doing interesting things with their lives, then Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Dlt would be wearing the equivalent to Michael Phelps’s crown. Emma has interviewed Michelle Kennedy, Sali Hughes, Grace Victory, Seth Godwin, Tanya Burr, Otegha Uwagba, Anna Whitehouse a.k.a Mother Pukka, I could go on but I’d list about another 90 odd names. Emma’s nosey-nature questions guests about their work, life, money, the struggles of making things successful and keeping pace with the ever-changing digital landscape. It’s inspirational as hell listening to how these guys have taken risks, found inner grit, determination and battled against the odds. This podcast offers up a lot of real-life insights as well into the entrepreneurial world so if you’re that way inclined, give this one a whirl.


Episode: #58 Sophie Kinsella

Episode: #40 Laura Bates  ⬅️  should be compulsory listening for everyone


/ The Debrief Podcast

the debrief podcast

First off I’m going to point out how glorious Stevie & Tessa’s voices are. Stevie regularly slips into hilarious comedy accents and Tessa has a slightly clipped tone which lends itself perfectly to the funny arcs of conversation on the show each week. They’re both just lovely to listen to. The Debrief podcast follows a ‘How to’ theme, where the duo talk through useful, sensible, grown-up life stuff but with heaps of silly humour injected into the dialogue. They have covered How To Be A Morning Person, How To Kick-Ass At Work, How To Do Things That Scare You; basically they’re shedding light on some simple but life-improving nuggets through research, qualified expert advice and personal tips they’ve deposited into their own Bank of Adulting.


Episode: Domestic hacks so you never have to ‘get a man in’ 

Episode: How to look after the environment  ⬅️  A total eye-opener. EVERYONE LISTEN AND STOP USING PLASTIC STRAWS IMMEDIATELY


/ Lore

lore podcast

Following a fascination with all things horror, I stumbled on the Lore podcast and have been indulging my compulsion for something a bit creepy ever since. Adam Mahnke delivers twisted dark stories based on local legends, forgotten myths, old wives tales and original fairy-fables before the coating of child-friendly gloss was slapped on. Adam’s flat narrating voice and accompanying atmospheric music creates a weirdly unsettling, yet alluring combination which rips you from the bright warmth of reality to the most disturbing corners of folklore.





/ 4pm at Fashionista

4pm at fashionista

Hello, my name is Emma and I’m addicted to fashion.

Although you’d hardly guess from my uniform of scruffy hair, one-size-too-big fraying TopShop jeans and T-shirts older than most YouTube stars.

Go ahead and raise those eyebrows, but I’m utterly in love with the business, industry and artistry that’s at its core.

Although I work in travel, I’ve devoured the fashion news/trade sites every damn day for years and is one of my faves. Their podcast (although sometimes posted sporadically)  is an unfiltered version of the smart sartorial pieces and opinions that are voiced on the site. They’ve talked about the recent game of designer musical chairs which left the fashion world chasing its tail, the Rei Kawakubo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art – with accompanying Met Gala and the outrage that it left behind – and have covered in depth the desert thirst from insta-influencers and brands milking the authenticity out of cultural events like Coachella. If fashion is your passion (yeah I went there), then do yourself a favour and hit subscribe.


Episode: Jumping Off the Chanel Cliff

Episode: Career Week Edition, or, How We’re (Barely) Making It in Fashion


/ Stuff Mom Never Told You

stuff mom never told you podcast

I could listen to original hosts Cristen & Caroline talk for hours. Their intelligence is cut with the sharpest of wit as they dissect painstakingly researched topics relating to things like race, feminism, stereotyping, history, relationships, pop-culture, modern anthropology and subjects that make you go ‘Hmm, yes. Why is that like this?’. Plus they’re another duo with the most enchanting sounding voices. After a few months break,  Stuff Mom Never Told You has had a revamp complete with a new set of presenters (😊), Bridget and Emilie who are continuing to pay homage to the show’s essence. It’s still excellent but has a slightly different feel. I suggest delving into the back-catalogue first before listening to more recent episodes.


Episode: When America sterilized women of color

Episode: Why do women wear diamond engagement rings?The phrase ‘Betrothal Tag’ is how I’m going to refer to bridal bling from now on


/ Desert Island Discs

desert island discs radio 4 podcasts

The granddaddy of all podcasts in my humble opinion. The premise is a notable figure being sent away to a hypothetical desert island, and can only bring along eight treasured tracks to keep them company. Writers, designers, actors, poets, doctors, entrepreneurs, singers, comedians, artists, politicians and celebrities have their lives unfurled before them, vulnerable and raw.

Currently steered by Kirsty Young, her steadily calm and direct questioning is enough to gently thaw out the coldest of guests. They discuss career failures and triumphs, love and heartbreak, family and friends, personal demons and future dreams all in the context of their eight favourite pieces of music (or sounds in some rare cases). The Desert Island Discs archives stretch back 70 years – a whole lifetime’s worth of listening to work through.


Episode: David Nott, vascular and war surgeonMoved me to snotty tears

Episode: Kylie Minogue, popstar – One of her discs is her now ex-beau Joshua Sasse reading out the sweetly-sexy poem As I look Up by Dominic Sasse


BONUS   –     / Alice Isn’t Dead 

Alice isn't dead

Since writing the above eight I’ve fallen down a new podcast rabbit-hole.

Just a few episodes in has me hooked and frantically downloading the next, and then the next, and then the next part of this story.  Alice Isn’t Dead is a fictional tale following the narrative of a female trucker who is searching America’s heartlands for her wife she once presumed dead – all told through her rig radio. It’s gorgeously creepy, paints a compelling atmospheric story and has the same sinister undercurrents of a Stephen King novel. It certainly begs the question, who the fuck is Alice?

Categorically, 100% do not listen to this podcast alone, at night or both. Even listening in the bright lights of a busy office, a serious case of the heebie-jeebies gets the best of me.





These are also on my roster –

Badass Women’s Hour, (the actual BBC R4) Women’s Hour, The Guilty Feminist (OBSESSED- got carried away with a word-blurb so thought it safer to include here), Criminal, Reveal, Sword & Scale, Deliciously Stella, This American Life, Serial , RISK!, The Moth, Mother Pukka, Get It Off Your Breasts, My Dad Wrote A Porno

Let me know if you have any must-listen podcasts 🎧

Top of the Pods

7 Hairstyles to avoid helmet hair

This post was originally written for Crystal Ski 


Insignificant to some but to others the struggle is quite real, yes I am talking about the best hairstyles for skiing whilst wearing a helmet. You may scoff, you may mutter under your breath ‘how trivial and unimportant‘ but for people like myself, thinking about how to manage our lovely locks so it doesn’t impact on slope time or end up an après-ski project every night taming wind-kissed wild tangles into submission, there are a couple of legitimate factors up for consideration. You want it out the way, you want it to somewhat resist a helmet-hair situation and you want it to stay looking half decent come the last lift (part personal vanity and part #selfie culture shouldering the blame, but no judgement here it’s perfectly normal to think this way). Just arm yourself with a pack of kirby grips, preferred hair bands and browse the below mix of tried and tested hairstyles that tick all the boxes to wear under a helmet.


/ Classic French Braid

Probably the first ‘tricky’ hairstyle that most of us take a go at when growing up. The French braid sits comfortably snug underneath a helmet AND goes the distance during a long day on the slopes with keeping hair in place. It’s my front runner for looking cute while being practical, as well as keeping helmet-hair to a minimum.

skiing hairstyle french plait


Get the tutorial here


/ The Low Plait

 If you haven’t conquered the French braid or not feeling the fuss, go for a low plait. Not only is it easy and quick, a low plait is versatile in so many different ways. Plait it to the side, chuck a front braid into the mix, plait midway and let the ends loose; like the Weetabix of helmet-hair hairstyles, build it how you like it, anything and everything goes.

low plait skiing hair


Get a front braid to low plait tutorial here


/ Double French braid (A.K.A The Boxer Braid)

 Not only is this the style de jour at the moment, from every insta-famous ‘It Girl ‘ to those on your local high street, everyone is channelling a Hilary Swank Million Dollar Baby look. Swap the raised plait of the typically inverted Dutch braid on this style for a flatter, more helmet-friendly classic French braid.

double braids skiing


This is a brilliant how-to video


/ Heidi

Again, currently having a bit of a moment with the fash-pack, the Heidi hairstyle has shed its previously naff persona and taken one giant step forward as being considered quite a chic ‘do. Make your plaits soft and loose before securing them to your head for maximum comfiness under a helmet.



Tutorial here


/ 90s Double bun

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, trends from the 90s are back in a big way. Chokers, Pokémon and double buns have been pulling on nostalgic heartstrings. Not that I’m complaining, it gives me another opportunity to impersonate my favourite Spice Girl.

90s double bun hairstyle


Get the tutorial here


/ Feeling-fancy-fishtail

The fishtail is the fantasy braid of Pinterest hair-dreamers everywhere, and should only be attempted by those with heaps of patience to practice and or / have the stamina to keep your arms up at an awkward angle for an extended period of time. But once you’ve cracked the art of under over the other over (say that really, really fast ten times!) you’ll be the envy of braid-buffs everywhere, including myself.

fish tail braid skiing hair idea


Tutorial (and may the hair gods be with you)


7 Hairstyles to avoid helmet hair